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18,42 EUR*
Details Undisturbed/Hommage a Kurtag/+

Zoltán Jeney, Laszlo Sary & Laszlo Vidovszky : Undisturbed - Barnabás Dukay : À la Lune changeante - Peter Eötvös, Zoltán Jeney... : Hommage à Kurtág / Quatuors à cordes Auer & Somogyi - Ensemble du New Music Studio, dir. Andras Wilheim

26,00 EUR*
Details Vintage photo of SHEEP UNDISTURBED BY WAR

Size 9" x 7.2"  SHEEP UNDISTURBED BY WARSheep, guarded by dogs and German farmers, graze peacefully alongside a road where vehicles of the Third Armored Division, First U.S. Army, race beyond Marburg, cleared March 29, 1945. The Reich town, about 15 ...

132,07 EUR*
Details 27¡± Grass w/Mini Cattails Silk Plant

Soft, wispy and delicate;Perfectly adorned with mini cat tails;The embodiment of nature left undisturbed;Pot Size 8w x 7h

8,49 EUR*
Details Unafraid of the Sacred Forests

Unafraid of the Sacred Forests Are there still missionaries in Africa? Surely not! Hasn t a westernised media reached everywhere? Yet - there are still places largely undisturbed by the modern world, places where a foreigner is someone from a village ...

6,40 EUR*
Details Gold Embroidery Machine Needles-Size 11/75 5/Pkg

SCHMETZ-Gold Embroidery Machine Needles. Provides efficient, undisturbed production on embroidery machines. Provides trouble free use of special embroidery threads such as mercerized cotton, metallic threads, and polyester. Needle Size is 11/75, 5 per ...

9,95 EUR*
Details Wilton 1512-0723 Treat Pop Decorating Stand, Garden, Haus, Garten, Rasen, Wartung

Wilton's Treat Pop Decorating Stand securely holds your pops upright as you decorate - great when making multiples of any design. It's the ideal way to let the candy set on your pops undisturbed. Holds up to 24 pops. Dimensions are 12 in. diameter by ...

416,79 EUR*
Details Serenia Sleep 4-Inch Two Layer Topper Gel Memory Foam Made in the USA, Queen by Serenia Sleep

two-layer mattress topper construction adds comfort and support;Sleeps cooler and drier with heat dissipating, breathable open cell premium gel memory foam;Relieves pressure points that can contribute to tossing and turning;Allows undisturbed sleep by ...

48,35 EUR*
Details The Museum on the Roof of the World: Art, Politics, and the Representation of Tibet (Buddhism and Modernity)

The Museum on the Roof of the World For millions of people around the world, Tibet is a domain of undisturbed tradition, the Dalai Lama a spiritual guide. This book addresses the question of who has the right to represent Tibet in museums and beyond ...

120,00 EUR*
Details Bronze Skulpturen Statuen...GRATIS LIEFERUNG...100% Echtes Berg Anoa Dwarf Wasserbüffel Deco(AL-296-JP) Statuen Figur Figuren Nude Büro & Zuhause Décor Collectibles Prime Tag auf Verkauf Deal Geschenke

Anoa, Also Known As Dwarf Buffalo And Sapiutan, Are A Subgenus Of Bubalus Comprising Two Species Native To Indonesia; The Mountain Anoa (Bubalus Quarlesi) And The Lowland Anoa. Both Live In Undisturbed Rainforest, And Are Essentially Miniature Water Buffa